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Vicki D. - "Just go there! I’ve never been cared for as much as I was at Eye V! Incredibly different & unique selection of glasses for any shaped face. You won’t find the same quality & selection at big box stores & cheap online websites. Dan is kind, knowledgeable & easy to talk with. Joanna has so much expertise about vision & what works & what may not work for each individual. They noticed that my script was off took my script to my eye doctor (yes she went there!!) & had it adjusted correctly for me to see my computer correctly when the original script didn’t work. Come on! That’s so above & beyond….it’s inconceivable (eh hem Princess Bride)! I’ve purchased 3 pairs of fantastically different & super cool frames. Thanks so much Eye V, great atmosphere & wonderful caring owners."

Elisa S. - "Love this store! It has super trendy, stylish glasses and amazing customer service. I just picked up my first pair of glasses from there. I got them with a special purple tint that then turns to sunglasses when I go outside. They have more lens options than I even knew existed. It's actually like a candy store for glasses wearers. :-)"

Peter C. - "This is the place to get your new glasses! High quality frames. Great atmosphere. The best staff!"

Jes K. - "Great service and all the staffs were friendly and helpful. They fixed my glasses very easily. Thanks a lot!"

James C. - "The professional assistance is a treasure!!!"

Kimberly B. - "Just picked up my new glasses today! WOW it is so much clearer than my other lens!! Amazing customer service having them be so patient with me in figuring out which frame I’d like best and look best in. I highly recommend them and will be going back for sure!"

Heather C. - "Great selection, super friendly staff!"

Jenaya R. - "Beautiful shop, great selection, and I have never had such amazing one-on-one customer service while choosing Eyewear!"

Richard B. - "so helpful and nice."